Episode 19: COPD Part 1

by Bob Stuntz in

In Episode 19, Dr. Erik Kochert returns to the podcast to give a great talk on COPD.  There was so much good stuff, I decided to split this into two podcast episodes.  In Part 1, Dr. Kochert talks about GOLD, oxygen titration, inhaled therapies, steroids and NIPPV.  

The full write up and show notes will be posted with episode 2 next week.  Also, if you are interested, our III/Asynchronous Learning quiz will be posted with Part 2 as well.  In the meantime, you can find the reference for the article regarding oxygen titration and my thoughts on that here.

Two announcements/reminders:

1. Please go join our Google Community.  The goal is to have this be a place that EM residents and educators (you can help answer resident questions) can get together to discuss resident issues and questions, both clinical and non-clinical.  Other blogs (See EMCrit and R.E.B.E.L EM) have had nice success with this, as it gives you a chance to discuss in a bit more of a long form than twitter, is more fun than a listserv, and provides a central location for discussion.  

2. I am going to be offering quizzes at the end of each podcast I do (For this COPD discussion, it will be posted along with Part 2 next week).  After answering the short questions in the quizzes, you can print out a certificate that says you spent time listening to the podcast and doing the quiz.  My hope is, that with approval from your individual US EM Residency program directors, you can count this toward individual interactive instruction time (also known as asynchronous learning) if you are in a US EM residency program.  As stated, make sure your program director approves of this before you go chalking this up as asynchronous time.  As usual, Academic life in Emergency Medicine has led the way with this (check it out here), and I hope this is something that catches on with other blogs and podcasts.

Enjoy the podcast!