Episode 7: Airway Tips and Tricks I

by Bob Stuntz in

Tom Kehrl and I talk practical tips and tricks when it comes to emergency airway management.  By no means comprehensive, we go through the finer points of intubation we found between two residencies, two fellowships, and supervising resident intubations.  check out all the links in the show notes. 

Power of NIV- will review separately, but increasingly more and more conditions are being found to be amenable to NIV (asthma, pneumonia)

ABG vs. VBG?  pH and bicarbonate correlate; pCO2 looser; pO2 little correlation

Dosing of meds

Selection of Blade

  • Mac 4 instead of 3: You can make a 4 a 3, but you can’t make a 3 a 4.  
  • Check your blade:  Make sure you have a good connection and the light works.  Don’t just turn it on: push on the top of the blade to see if it flickers when you are simulating the pressure you will get with intubation.  



Stylet Shape

  • Straight to cuff
  • Just say no to the banana and the hockey stick.  Don’t try to place a curved object into a straight tube

Lube on the cuff

Right hand

  • Under head, lifting
  • Bimanual

Vent settings

Other airway resources

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