Academic Life in EM: A great blog for residents and attendings alike.

EM Basic: Steve Carroll's boot camp guide to Emergency Medicine.

EMCrit Blog: The master of all things ED Critical Care.

EMedHome: Great website with a monthly podcast and tons of resources.

The Emergency Board Review Podcast: Free review material to help you study for the EM Inservice, Qualifying, and ConCert exams.

EM:RAP: The original, the king of all EM podcasts.  

ERCast: Rob Orman gives the nitty gritty on bread and butter emergency medicine.  

FOAMCast: Lauren Westafer and Jeremy Faust give you the basics as they review the best FOAM.

R.E.B.E.L. EM: Salim Rezaie's great EM blog and podcast

Short Coats in EM: An EM resident's take on EM

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The NNT: A great look into EBM

The Ultrasound Podcast: EMRAP for EM Ultrasound junkies

York Hospital EM Residency

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