Good Luck!

by Bob Stuntz

To any American EM residents who follow the blog and/or podcast, good luck on the inservice exam tomorrow.  Remember to take the exam seriously.  While your results do not directly help or hurt your cause to become board certified EP’s, the results will give you great insight into your knowledge base, and will help you identify areas where you need to improve.  

Do whatever you normally do before big tests today.  Some people don’t touch anything study related.  I always feel the need to review last minute stuff the day before any big test.  Just do what you normally do before a big test (you’ve taken a few at this point).  

Also, if you have not yet, check out (@EMBoardReview on Twitter).  There is a nice comprehensive review on the site from Dr. David Pierce from University of Buffalo.  It is about 1hr 45 min, and a nice wrap up.