Episode 7: Airway Tips and Tricks

by Bob Stuntz

Well, Episode 7 is here, and I finally caved.  That’s right, I’m doing an airway talk.  

Obviously, airway is king.  As it turns out, the A in ABC’s stands for airway and not Ativan. (I know, I was surprised when I first learned that too).  There is a ton of stuff out there on airway, and I wanted to try to do the topic some justice.  Part of my job is to synthesize what is out there for you, the EM Resident.  

So I sat down with Tom Kehrl and we talked tips and tricks of the airway.  These are pearls we have learned in going to courses, listening to lectures and podcasts, and intubating a bunch of people, and supervising a bunch more.  

You can find the show notes here.  I put a ton of links to podcasts, articles, and websites that go over many of the topics we discuss.  Might be the most robust set of show notes yet, and you definitely want to be online when you check it out.  Get it on your usual podcast apparatus or click the link below: