Emergency Board Review

by Bob Stuntz

Hey faithful readers, and belated Happy Holidays!  Sorry for the lag in posts, but I’ve been spending time with the family, and working on this…

You may remember back a few months I started doing some board review stuff, but noted it was going to be a huge project to tackle on my own.  Fortunately, Jon Schonert from EM Chatter (@EMChatter, www.emchatter.com), came to the rescue with similar interests and a keen ability to make websites.  We have gotten some help from around the EM blog and podcast world (@EMBasic, Steve Carroll to name one), and are rolling out www.emergencyboardreview.com.  

This is a work in progress, but our goal is to provide you with high quality, high yield, just-the-facts FREE board review material to help you pass the EM Inservice, Qualifying, and ConCert exams.  My introduction video can be found here, I give an audio intro on my podcast here.  

Down the road, we will be getting these on iTunes as well, and the website will be expanded.  For now, find us here:

Twitter: @EMBoardReview

Facebook and Google+: Emergency Board Review

Website: www.emergencyboardreview.com 

There’s already a lot of great content there.  The GI videos are up along with the first cardiology and ortho videos.  Keep checking back.  

As promised, here are the ABEM links to the exam info and the Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine.  Looking forward to helping you prep for the boards!

Inservice exam

Qualifying Exam

ConCert Exam

Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine