Episode 27: Momentum Breakers, Part 2

by Bob Stuntz in , ,

In Epsiode 27, EM Resident contributor Dr. Joseph Cruz of edocc.com rounds out his top 5 ED shift momentum breakers for the EM resident.  We have talked about the importance of mental simulation and preparation for your shifts before.  It is just as important to think about what is going to slow you down or stop you in your tracks on your next shift.  

If you are interested in helping contribute to the EM Res Podcast, let me know.  I am always happy to have resident contributors as well.  Make sure to check out Joseph's blog, The ED on Cruise Control.  Follow him on Twitter @CruzaderJC.  Our next few episodes will be coming from another guest resident contributor, Jacob Avila (@UltrasoundMD), who will be talking about the use of US in undifferentiated dyspnea.  

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