Are You Ready for Some…C Spine Protection?

by Bob Stuntz in

It is that great time of year.  Sure the kids are going back to school, but more importantly, football is back.  And with that, your ED may soon be filled with folks on backboards wearing full football attire, taped down for c-spine protection.  How do you get their helmet and those pesky shoulder pads off while maintaining c-spine precautions?  Check out the video below, which does a great job demonstrating how to do just that.  The video is courtesy of Dr. A.J. Monseau.  Dr. Monseau is the Assistant Program Director at the West Virginia University Emergency Medicine Residency, and a sports medicine specialist.  A few of the WVUEM residents show us how it is done. Make sure you are following them on Twitter:

Dr. Monseau: @EMedSportsDoc

WVUEM: @WVUEmergencyMed

Definitely give Dr. Monseau's YouTube page a view as well - he has some great splinting videos.  

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