Episode 23: What's the "Best" Residency?

by Bob Stuntz in ,

In Episode 23, with the upcoming US EM residency interview season about to descend upon us all, I talk about a recent survey that claims to list the best EM residencies, why you should ignore it, what applicants should look for in a residency, and our duty as educators to find the right fit.  

f you are a medical student going into the EM Match this year, check out the following great videos to see what you should be doing, and how you can be the best applicant you can be:

The EM Rotation, ERAS, and am I competitive

Interviewing Strategies

Here is the original link I saw to the list of top EM residencies as compiled by Doximity and USNWR's survey

ere is a link to the consensus document regarding the problems with this report. 


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Listen here or check out the podcast below: