Podcast Episode 25: Pediatric Appendicitis

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In what two age groups is perforated appendicitis most common?  If you said the very young and the very old, you would be correct.  As we all know, the workup and diagnosis of appendicitis in kids can be extremely difficult.  So how do we tease out the right history and get to the correct conclusion? In this episode, we discuss many of the more difficult and important aspects of the workup for a child with possible appendicitis.

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Identifying Child Abuse in the Emergency Department

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It is, perhaps, the worst part of our jobs.  We will inevitably see injured children who sustained their injuries as the result of child abuse.  In considering this possibility, we often picture the clearly abused child.  It is often, however, not that obvious.  In this post, Dr. Shafer talks about injuries that should raise our suspicion for child abuse.  

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