Episode 32: The Ultrasound Course - Basics of Echocardiograpy

by Bob Stuntz in , ,

As promised, I'll be releasing our US Course as podcast episodes so they are accessible everywhere.  In this episode, I discuss the basics of cardiac US for the EP. Remember, you can also find all of these lectures on the website at http://emrespodcast.org/introduction-to-point-of-care-ultrasound/. 

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Episode 28: US in Dyspnea - Part 1

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In the first of a two part episode, EM Chief Resident and resident US guru Jacob Avila (@UltrasoundMD) discusses the use of US in undifferentiated dyspnea.  The possibilities are endless, but Dr. Avila shows you how to simplify your clinical decision making and make the right call.  

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